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Hong Huan Group is committed to building a sustainable future, so that our next generation could continue to live in a sustainable environment. We hope to implement environmental protection measures in our daily operations to reduce waste, energy, air pollution, noise and carbon footprint, thereby improving people's quality of life.

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To Live & Work Together For The Common Good

Hong Huan advocates business model that prioritizes sustainability.

We acknowledge our responsibility to the whole of society. We also strive to bring a positive impact by giving back to the communities while generating profits. 

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Hong Huan Group is nominated as "Caring Company"  by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. We are committed  to build a cohesive society through caring  for the community, employees and environment.


HHG Green Project


HHG Crew Mascot

Improve employees' awareness of environmental protection through the mascot Huanxiong, actively respond to the call of a green office, and encourage everyone to contribute to environmental protection, not only in words but also in action. Start with yourself, start with small things, and strive to cultivate employees into practitioners of environmental protection concepts.

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Hong Kong Green Organisation Certification

Hong Huan Group understands the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development, and has always been sparing no effort to promote environmental protection. We are proud to be  granted the title of  "Hong Kong Green Organisation" (HKGO) for our achievements in multiple environmental aspects.

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